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Legend of Suheldev by Amish

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  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Westland (20 June 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9387894037
  • ISBN-13: 978-9387894037
  • Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 2.2 x 19.8 cm
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Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India Paperback

A Forgotten Hero. An Unforgettable Battle.

India, 1025 AD.

Repeated attacks by Mahmud of Ghazni and his barbaric Turkic hordes have weakened India’s northern regions. The invaders lay waste to vast swathes of the subcontinent—plundering, killing, raping, pillaging. Many of the old Indian kingdoms, tired and divided, fall to them. Those who do fight, battle with old codes of chivalry, and are unable to stop the savage Turkic army which repeatedly breaks all rules to win. Then the Turks raid and destroy one of the holiest temples in the land: the magnificent Lord Shiva temple at Somnath.

At this most desperate of times, a warrior rises to defend the nation.

King Suheldev.

The ruler of a small kingdom, he sees what must be done for his motherland, and is willing to sacrifice his all for it.

A fierce rebel. A charismatic leader. An inclusive patriot.

Read this blockbuster epic adventure of courage and heroism, a fictional tale based on true events, that recounts the story of that lionhearted warrior and the magnificent Battle of Bahraich.


Legend of Suheldev Book Review

A great pick

It tells us about ancient India and how it functioned in that period. The struggles and fights that the people at that time had to go through to free themselves from the invaders. It takes us in the mind of the invaders as well as the heroes who fought them.
An insight is given of the guerilla warfare and the tactics used by small armies to take on the big ones.

A must-read if one has an interest in the history of real India


About the Author

Amish is a 1974-born, IIM (Kolkata)-educated, boring banker turned happy author. The success of his debut book, The Immortals of Meluha (Book 1 of the Shiva Trilogy), encouraged him to give up a fourteen-year-old career in financial services to focus on writing. He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions. Amish’s books have sold more than 5.5 million copies and have been translated into over 19 languages.


What’s this book Legend of Suheldev is all about?

Repeated attacks by Mahmud of Ghazni and his barbaric Turkic hordes have weakened India’s northern regions. The invaders lay waste to vast swathes of the subcontinent—plundering, killing, raping, pill

Which Book cover will I get? First image one or third image one?

Initially, the publisher planned to release the first image but later they decided to come with the third image which was not shared to anyone till the final release date. Third image if final.

Is Legend of Suheldev a single book or series?

It is a single book. and this is nothing to do with his earlier books.

How many pages in Legend of Suheldev?

352 pages.

When was this book released?

Legend of Suheldev is released on 20 Jun 2020

Does this book have any more parts?

Yes, more parts are available.

Is Legend of Suheldev book connected to Shiva’s Trilogy?


Can a beginner level read this book?


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2 reviews for Legend of Suheldev by Amish

  1. Dr Umesh chandra dash

    Got impressed by k.nowing the heritage of India

  2. Dr Umesh chandra dash

    After reading only

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